• Dicker Data X Emerging IT: Helping Businesses Do More with Less

    For just over two decades, Emerging IT has helped businesses Australia-wide “do more with less”, specialising in managed services that simplify and secure enterprise networks and infrastructure. See how the firm prides itself on second-to-none customer service and a reputation for trustworthy partnership, backed by longstanding industry expertise across multiple verticals – supported by Dicker Data and Aruba.

  • Dicker Data X Streamvision: Helping Aussie hotels and clubs get back on their feet

    Streamvision specialises in guest entertainment solutions including IPTV, casting, and high-speed internet for all types of accommodations, from some of Australia’s most iconic hotels and clubs to student housing, guest lodges, and remote mining camps. The firm partnered with Aruba through Dicker Data in 2020 a bid to improve quality and reduce costs for its hospitality customers – a move that proved prescient when the pandemic hit the industry.

  • Dicker Data & Affinity Blue: Helping new partners grow with flexible fulfilment and financing

    The Affinity Blue team prides itself on customer-centricity, investing heavily in identifying the technology that best fits each customer’s underlying needs and delivering the right results with full accountability. Discover how working with Dicker Data and Aruba helped this start-up grow from strength to strength.